§ 1-196. Definitions  

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  • For the purposes of this article the following terms, phrases, words, abbreviations and their derivations shall have the meaning given herein:

    (a) Adjustment means the investigation, by designated county employees, agents or other personnel, of a loss, to ascertain its amount and the distribution of the loss between the Broward County and the particular claimant.

    (b) Claim means:

    (1) A demand for monetary damages arising from a breach of duty by an officer, agent or employee of Broward County in the scope of county employment pursuant to § 768.28, F.S., and the general law of Florida relating to such claims against political subdivisions of the state; or

    (2) A demand for workmen's compensation by an employee of Broward County who is injured while working within the scope of county employment pursuant to the workmen's compensation law of the State of Florida.

    (c) County administrator means the person appointed by the board of county commissioners who is the head of the administrative branch of Broward County government, consistent with Article III of the Charter of Broward County.

    (d) Evaluation means the process and method of determining, by weighing the relevant factors arising from a particular occurrence, the worth or value of a particular claim, which is the subject matter of a full and complete investigation.

    (e) Investigation means the step-by-step inquiry, observation and examination of the facts and circumstances revolving around an occurrence involving Broward County for which a claimant may seek monetary compensation from the county.

    (f) Occurrence means a happening, incident or event, or series of events to one or to several participants which may give rise to a claim against Broward County, Florida.

    (g) Risk manager means a person employed by Broward County to supervise the investigation of accidents and the initial handling of tort and workmen's compensation claims against Broward County.

    (h) Settlement means the final accord and satisfaction of a claim.

(Ord. No. 77-70, § 2, 11-16-77)