§ 1-13. Enforcement of county ordinances  

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  • In addition to any other penalties, remedies, or other enforcement measures provided by ordinance or law, the following provisions shall be applicable to each violation of a County ordinance:

    (1) Each violation of a County ordinance provision that prohibits a specified act or specified acts by a person or persons shall be subject to and may be prosecuted in the manner authorized by § 125.69, F.S., including any subsequent amendment thereto. Prosecution of a violation of a County ordinance shall be by the state attorney or assistant state attorney of the state court judicial circuit in and for Broward County pursuant to § 27.34(1), F.S., including any subsequent amendment thereto.

    (2) The County may secure enforcement of a County ordinance in any appropriate court or administrative proceeding.

    (3) The Broward County Sheriff, the Broward County Sheriff deputies, and all other enforcement officers and persons shall have such powers to enforce County ordinances as are lawfully permitted.

    (4) The provisions of this section are deemed remedial and shall be applicable to both prior existing and subsequently adopted County ordinances and any subsequent amendments thereto.

(Ord. No. 1997-46, § 1, 10-28-97)