Chapter 1. Administration  

Article I. In General
Article II. Board Of County Commissioners
Article III. Legislative Delegation
Article IV. Fiscal Affairs
Article V. Public Lands And Buildings
Article VI. Substance Abuse Advisory Board
Article VII. Historical Commission
Article VIII. Public Documents
Article IX. Commission On Thestatus Of Women
Article X. County Administrative Code
Article XI. Claims Against County
Article XII. Boards, Authorities And Agencies Generally
Article XIII. Lobbying Activities
Article XIV. False Claims Ordinance
Article XV. Broward County Community Redevelopment Agency
Article XVI. Reserved
Article XVII. Quasi-Judicial Proceedings
Article XVIII. Nancy J. Cotterman Center Trust Fund
Article XIX. Citizens' Transportation Advisory Committee
Article XX. Human Services Division Trust Fund Account
Article XXI. Water Advisory Board
Article XXII. Juvenile Firesetters Task Force Trust Fund Account
Article XXIII. Performing Arts Center Authority
Article XXIV. Florida Atlantic Research And Development Authority
Article XXV. Educational Facilities Authority
Article XXVI. Reserved
Article XXVII. Children's Services Board
Article XXVIII. Transit Advisory Committee
Article XXIX. Bicycling And Pedestrian Advisory Committee Trust Fund
Article XXX. Local Option Registration Fees For Vessels
Article XXXI. Homeless Initiative Partnership Trust Fund
Article XXXII. North District Regional Wastewater Advisors Board
Article XXXIII. Enterprise Zonedevelopment Agency
Article XXXIV. Diversity Advisory Council Trust Fund Account
Article XXXV. Community Action Agency Trust Fund Account
Article XXXVI. Elderly And Veterans Services Division Trust Fund Account
Article XXXVII. Broward County Housing Council's Attendance Policy And Vacancy In Membership